Resilience & Risks

  • What is powerful enough to move our lives from the absolute panic to the greatest fun?
  • What is changing our society in the way we collectively think and act?
  • There is something we cannot see… Something we can only feel if it has not happened.
  • Yes, you guessed right: We are talking about risks.

Why? - Because the absence of unacceptable risks is our second basic need after eating and sleeping. Many of us have been fortunate enough and got used to it until they forgot its name: Safety.

A Safety Management System is an analytic and structured approach enabling organizations and entrepreneurs to control their risks. Control means that you decide if the risk is worth taking. And if you are going for it, a perfectly legitimate decision, it guides you on how you can minimize its negative impact: Something we all do intuitively. The difference here is that a system achieves an analytic and structured approach, hence relieving unnecessary pressure in strategic decision-making.

  • Are you able to get an edge by controlling your risks better than your competitor?
  • How much can you earn by avoiding industrial failures or minimizing their impact?
  • How do you see your social, or even legal responsibility regarding the risks?
  • How much do you need to invest for Safety?
  • Can you rely on the system?